Adopt Best Friends Kitten Fooly Cooly

Fooly Cooly

Fooly Cooly is available for adoption, who needs an adoring kitten?

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/10/18 – Pets who need homes is an issue in Beverly Hills, and a situation that we can all do our part to help. Best Friends Los Angeles rescues animals and places them temporarily with foster homes like ours in order to get them strong and healthy, ready to be adopted into their forever homes. We foster kittens to save their lives.

His Best Friends name is Fooly Cooly, but we call him Tab, or Mr. Mittsoff or Our Little Psycho. If you want a cat with a lot personality, who stays right next to you, who loves people, this is the kitten for you. He seems more like a dog than a cat. He has to be next to us at all times.

Tab Kitten

If I’m on lying down he comes over and falls against me to be right next to me. When he sleeps, he’s next to my feet, or on the pillow above my head, or up on the bookcase where he can watch over me. When I get up he comes with me. He cries if he doesn’t know where we are, or when I’ve locked him in “kitty jail”, that is, the bathroom, because he’s racing around the room too much when I need to work. I soon let him out. He’s all purrs and wants us to pet his belly to reassure him he’s stilled loved.

He loves to play, to chase string or wrestle and sometimes will play fetch. He can be a little rough with other cats, but he’s careful with me. He’s often racing around, will run right over me. I trim his claws so he won’t scratch me accidentally. He loves to play a game where I drag an empty pillow case around on the bed like it’s a string and he jumps into it to be pulled around. He loves to curl up in tight spaces, in a box or even a frying pan.

Fooly Cooly

Before his brother was adopted, Tab had to be first to eat at the dish, pushing his brother away. His brother took being second place with stoicism usually. Tab is an attention hog. Might not play well with other cats. He’s really a people cat. As I write this, he is sitting on my foot, petting me.

If you have a forever home for Fooly Cooly let me know. Email or call.