Autism Future: Kimberley and Zane Hubbard on Monday, Nov. 2nd 7pm pt

Autism Future Zane Hubbard

Autism Future Zane Hubbard

Professor Rowe hosts a half-hour live Zoom call discussion with the founders of Autism Future

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/10/30 – Kimberley and Zane Hubbard speak to a deeply personal experience of helping their own child who has autism. What we can learn from what they have found the best schools are doing to help children with autism. The Hubbards are founders of the non-profit AutismFuture. Zane Hubbard is the creator and director of Chronicles of Wu, an action series on Amazon Prime starring a autistic superhero.

In our 30-minute interactive Zoom call, we will be discussing lessons learned and ways forward.

  • What are best practices in schools for kids with autism?
  • What hasn’t worked and may make things worse?
  • How does the COVID lockdown and Distance Learning change the challenges of autism?
  • What should we do next?
  • Audience Q&A

Monday, November 2nd, 2020, from 7pm to 7:30pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 647 825 5464
Passcode jwMyg6
Note this event will be recorded and may be posted online

What is the future of public school in Beverly Hills? Professor Robin S. Rowe hosts discussions of exciting advances in education. Brainstorm. Ask a question. 30 minutes.

Robin S. Rowe

Host Professor Rowe

Professor Rowe has taught computer science at two universities: at the University of Washington and at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Rowe builds VR technology for Hollywood animation and visual effects. Technology he created is used to add digital stunt doubles to superhero feature films such as Spider-Man Far From Home and to animate a hit Mattel Barbie cartoon series.

Before COVID, professor Rowe was a speaker at schools in Los Angeles South Central and in Beverly Hills to encourage children to go into a career in science, the arts or finance.

Robin’s latest projects in advanced education include work as technology strategist for Lenovo ThinkReality AR glasses, advancing hands-free interfaces using AI, 3D, computer vision, speech recognition and visual programming.

Robin S. Rowe is running for BHUSD School Board in the November 2020 election.