Beverly Hills Election Early Results Are In

First-time candidate Robin Rowe wins 5% of the vote, not the 25% needed to win

Beverly Hills Early Election Results

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/3/4 – An amazing race. I’m grateful to my many supporters. Appreciate their brilliant work and passion.

Wealthy investors spent $200,000 campaigning to keep the incumbents in power, making Beverly Hills the highest cost-per-vote of any campaign in the country. Over $40 spent getting them each vote.

Early election results show I have 5% of the votes. As a first-time candidate, I did better than predicted. Not the 25% it takes to win, but a huge climb from a start of 2% at the beginning of my campaign. At 5%, that is better than the 4% that top-3 candidate Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primary. Final election results in California are not due until April 3rd.

From my website, I ran a clean campaign focused on the issues that matter to Beverly Hills. That is, traffic congestion, air pollution, public transportation, affordable housing, gigabit Internet, business renewal, healthcare, security for our religious institutions, forest fire safety, continuing education and exposing political corruption. If you care about these issues, it’s not too early to join my campaign for 2022.

In running, I accomplished more at city hall than anyone expected. After I suggested it to our police chief, the city installed security cameras to avoid another preventable break-in like the one that happened at Nessah synagogue. The nurse-practitioner program makes free house calls. The fire chief has a plan, not yet implemented, to prevent Beverly Hills burning to ashes in a preventable forest fire as happened in Campfire and Paradise.