Beverly Hills Elections Are Nonpartisan

California constitution puts city election focus on community issues, not party affiliation

Community gathering
Community coming together

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/2/29 – “What is your party affiliation?” asks a Beverly Hills voter. Many residents have asked me this question during the campaign. That’s one question I’m not allowed to answer.

Under the municipal election rules, candidates are not permitted to say their party. It’s in our California State Constitution, in Article II Voting, that all city offices shall be nonpartisan. You won’t see any of Beverly Hills City Council candidate’s party affiliations on the ballot.

Deciding based on the issues is how it should be, isn’t it? Choose the candidate with the best plan for the city we want to live in. What solutions does each candidate actually have planned to implement, not giving some limp promise of forming a committee?

Not everyone agrees that voting should be about the issues. Some Beverly Hills candidates are urging voting for them based on their religion or years in office or because they are so “affable” to their friends.

I urge voters to chose based on something more substantial. What do the candidates say is their plan for improving Beverly Hills? Can they describe how their plan will work?

Some Beverly Hills elected officials have skated on the nonpartisan rule by having our Democratic assemblyman give an endorsement speech at the candidate’s campaign kickoff party, or by telling people what a good friend is Donald Trump.

Not everyone was wildly enthusiastic to chose either Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump. During the 2016 presidential election, Trump and Clinton ranked as the two most unpopular presidential candidates in more than 30 years of polling.

George Washington famously said in his farewell address we should be careful of political parties. Many of the founding fathers felt that, because they had experienced dysfunctional political parties under the British political system.

Washington had a personal distaste for parties. The two American parties of his time were founded by Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Both men in Washington’s cabinet. They drove Washington to distraction with their ongoing arguments about party ideology.

Washington never joined a political party.

I’m Robin Rowe, a candidate running for Beverly City Council. I don’t accept contributions from developers or from anyone. I don’t do paid political advertising. I don’t plaster everybody’s yards with “free” yard signs paid for by special interests. I’m #1 on the ballot in the March 3rd, 2020, election.

Feel free to write or call me with ideas you have for making a positive change in Beverly Hills.