Beverly Hills March 3rd, 2020, Ballot

Registered voters who are residents of Beverly Hills vote by mail or in person on March 3rd, 2020.

Two city council seats are being elected, so you will be voting for two candidates. If you’re a Beverly Hills resident, or know one, please remind them to vote for Robin Rowe for Beverly Hills City Council in the March 2020 election.

Candidate names in the order they will appear on the 2020 ballot

  1. Robin Rowe ( @RobinSRowe
  2. Lili Bosse ( @LiliBosse1 (fb)
  3. Lori Greene Gordon ( (fb)
  4. Sidney “Simcha” Green (no website)
  5. Julian A. Gold ( (fb)
  6. Aimee Zeltzer (

In their own words, leading reasons why you should vote for each candidate, according to each candidate’s website…

  • Robin Rowe: We need a technologist on the Beverly Hills City Council, to bring modern ideas and present actionable solutions to meet the needs of Beverly Hills residents (link)
  • Lili Bosse: The only child of Holocaust survivors, a Beverly Hills native, always listening and responding, 10-year incumbent (link)
  • Lori Greene Gordon: Have always had a strong interest in civic engagement and as a Planning Commissioner have approved commercial developments (link)
  • Sidney “Simcha” Green: Would replace the city attorney for opposing Green’s suggestion of moving the city council to meet at a synagogue and would permit marijuana dispensaries in Beverly Hills (no website)
  • Julian A. Gold: His level head, professional expertise, broad vision, and affable personality, a board certified anesthesiologist, 10-year incumbent (link)
  • Aimee J. Zeltzer: Write-in candidate, California and New York attorney, creates Pet Trusts to provide for pets after their owners die (link)

Election Guide 200-word Beverly Hills City Council Candidate Statements

Robin Rowe (Technologist) Candidate Statement

Active Beverly Hills resident since 2004. As a member of the City of Beverly Hills Technology Committee for the last three years, Robin Rowe has brought innovative solutions to our city and advised our city council. Robin’s approach to serve the residents of Beverly Hills:
  • Reduce traffic congestion and pollution, by using AI Smart Cities technology to make traffic move, be stopped less by red lights
  • Improve transportation, particularly for seniors frustrated by delays using our city’s Senior & Disabled Bus Service
  • Build green power infrastructure, avoid electricity blackouts
  • Prohibit leaf blowers, which disturb residents and pollute
  • A Beverly Hills business innovation center, to help new businesses launch in Beverly Hills
  • Better, cheaper Internet, build the world’s fastest Internet for Beverly Hills residents and businesses
  • Better health, protect our city’s residents from the spread of illnesses by making infectious disease medical checkups same-day and free
Robin’s innovation work includes designing animation software used to produce major motion pictures and a hit cartoon series. Former Fortune 500 chief technologist and enterprise manager, AI research lab director, DARPA PI, and navy research scientist (VR).

Contact: or

Lili Bosse (Beverly Hills City Councilmember) Candidate Statement

Requested 12/27/2019. Lili Bosse emailed the next day. Passed, saying, “Once the sample ballot is released the city will post everyone’s statements and you can easily post a link to that page.”

Lori Greene Gordon (Planning Commissioner / Businesswoman) Candidate Statement

Info requested 12/27/2019. Lori Greene Gordon responded with a phone call on 1/2/2020. Passed, saying, “I have everything on my website, so I think that’s covered.”

Sidney “Simcha” Green (Educator) Candidate Statement

Pending: info requested 12/27/2019. Phoned on 1/2/2020. Unable to leave a message, “Mailbox full.”

Julian A. Gold (Physician / Beverly Hills City Councilmember) Candidate Statement

Pending: info requested 12/27/2019…

Aimee Zeltzer (Write-in Candidate) Statement

Pending: info requested 2/4/2020 Candidate headshots: see

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