Beverly Hills City Council Needs Term Limits

Candidate Robin Rowe proposes term limits

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/2/28 – Aside from the obvious issue that incumbents tend to lose touch over time, incumbents have the power of the city’s checkbook to drive endorsements for their reelection. How can anyone not endorse their best customer?

George Washington said two terms is enough. The 22nd Amendment to the Constitution made it law…for presidents. Let’s make it law for city politicians, too. The Beverly Hills City Council incumbents don’t need another ten years in office.

What happens in Beverly Hills when incumbents can cling to power?

  • Over $200,000 in campaign contributions is being spent to keep the incumbents in power, most of that money given by real estate developers, who can benefit from the city council appointing planning commissioners who will approve their building permits
  • After the FBI arrested a Beverly Hills real estate developer for bribing a planning commissioner, the planning commission appointed by our city council unanimously approved that same arrested developer’s plan to build a new hotel here, meanwhile the Los Angeles city hall has angrily waited ten years for this same developer to build a promised Target store…still an empty lot
  • After the Beverly Hills Unified School District diverted $16 million from construction funds for the repair of our crumbling Beverly Hills schools, to instead pay for futile lawsuits trying to block construction of the subway here, the incumbents said at a candidate forum hosted at the Beverly Hills High School, that they love BHUSD, to expect they will keep increasing how much city money they give BHUSD every year, even though BHSD raises their own tax money from us, meanwhile BHUSD is being sued for hiding the diversion of construction funds into lobbying
  • After missing our state affordable housing quota (that is, 300 new units each year for the last ten years), the state is moving to force Beverly Hills to build 3,100 new units all at once, construction the incumbents say they would take another 10 years to do, the length of time they have been in office without building any affordable housing
  • The city council recently passed an emergency resolution to change an old zoning law for restaurants in Beverly Hills, a city law they say has been forcing restaurants to fail and a major cause of empty storefronts, a zoning law that had been on the books since 1974, longer than the 10 years they have been in office, yet they waited to change it on the eve of the election
  • Although Beverly Hills has storefronts that have been boarded up eight years and longer, nobody knows how many storefronts are empty, for how long, or why, because the city has never done a survey, meanwhile business owners say the only time the city contacts them is to ask for more money
  • The incumbent plan to save the businesses of Beverly Hills, ironically named BOLD, is spending tax money on marketing, money that goes to newspapers and organizations who then endorse the incumbents without noting that they are endorsing their best customers, that the incumbents have directed over $1 million in city spending toward those supporting them
  • The incumbents failed to stop a preventable break-in at the Nessah synagogue, because the city chose to focus their security efforts on protecting our parking garages instead of our religious institutions, and while the missing city CCTV cameras have been installed now, it was after I suggested it to our chief of police
  • The incumbents delayed until the eve of the election to plan forest tree management, putting all our lives in danger of a firestorm, like the fires that made the cities of Campfire and Paradise look like the surface of the moon, so I’ve talked with our fire chief who has a firestorm prevention plan the city needs to implement ASAP, meanwhile the incumbents are urging citizens to do better do-it-yourself disaster preparedness, that is, to use a flashlight and a bottle of water to resist a firestorm roaring toward us at 80 mph

I’m the candidate who doesn’t accept contributions from developers (or anyone), who doesn’t pollute Beverly Hills with “free” political yard signs paid for by developers, who doesn’t seek endorsements (and therefore doesn’t owe favors), and doesn’t do paid political ads.

If you’re thinking of skipping SuperTuesday, that it’s merely the primary, bear in mind that the election of your local representatives in this ballot effects your quality of life, your taxes, your safety.

California has new extended voting rules, that you may vote up to March 3rd for the SuperTuesday election. You may vote right now.

I’m Robin Rowe, a candidate running for Beverly City Council. I don’t accept contributions from developers or from anyone. I don’t do paid political advertising. I don’t plaster everybody’s yards with “free” yard signs paid for by special interests. I’m #1 on the ballot in the March 3rd, 2020, election.

Feel free to write or call me with ideas you have for making a positive change in Beverly Hills.