Beverly Hills Voters Guide Shares Links

VoteCandidate Robin S. Rowe’s Voters Guide doesn’t tell voters who to vote for, encourages voters to think for themselves by providing hotlinks to candidates sites in November election

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/10/31 – When I saw one of my neighbors in the hallway I asked if she had voted. She said, no, that both presidential candidates are no good. What about the other candidates on the ballot? She didn’t want to vote for the candidates who stuff her mailbox, email and phone with pleas to vote for them. Takes too much time to research them. Too much effort to track down all their websites.

If you are a Beverly Hills voter, see my Beverly Hills Voters Guide to quickly find candidate websites. Doesn’t tell you who to vote for, just the links. That does offer suggestions what to look for on their websites when making your decision.