BHEA Leaders Endorse Anti-teachers BHUSD Incumbent

Student Desk

BHEA leaders, in the name of the teachers union, have endorsed the anti-teachers BHUSD Incumbent

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/9/14 – The BHEA PAC has re-endorsed the Incumbent, and gave endorsements to a School Psychologist, and a Real Estate Construction Manager on the November ballot for BHUSD School Board.

BHEA leaders published no explanation for their choice, but did note it was done UNANIMOUSLY. The BHEA leaders capitalized the word unanimously in their press release, stressed that their choice was made quite deliberately.

The Incumbent is infamous for saying declining enrollment doesn’t matter, that fewer students can be better because that’s fewer students to teach. Of course, a consequence of having fewer students is fewer teachers. That is, teachers get laid off. BHEA leaders endorsed this same candidate last time, when running four years ago. Rather than apologize for that, BHEA leaders are doing so again. There’s no denying BHEA leaders know the type of politician they are endorsing.

Running Beverly Hills Public Schools should not be in the hands of an Incumbent who is dismantling public education, a School Psychologist and a Real Estate Construction Manager. The teachers union leaders didn’t endorse the Professor, that is, the candidate with experience as a teacher. BHEA instead endorsed the candidate who supports laying off teachers. And not by mistake. They’ve done so twice. BHEA leaders are confirming their support for the actions the Incumbent has taken over the last four years, are endorsing the decline of public education.

Prop 15, a Tax Giveaway to Bureaucrats, No Money for Teachers

BHEA leaders are also endorsing Prop 15. BHEA leaders even have the nerve to ask teachers to phone bank to drum up support for a referendum that would create $9 billion in new taxes, but no money for teachers. What will teachers get in return for their free phone banking labor? Why no money for teachers?

Lobbyists for Prop 15 assert that California, known for high taxes, doesn’t charge enough in taxes. They say that as a consequence our schools don’t have enough teachers, guidance counselors or librarians. Really? Our schools are failing due to a librarian shortage?

The sad fact is any tax revenue increase would not go to teachers, counselors or librarians. That $40 million in lobbyist dark money from PACs isn’t being spent to help teachers. Any new tax money intended for schools would go to the School Board to spend as they wish, without accountability or transparency. To a School Board being sued for diverting $16 million from education and trying to hide it.

Like previous school bond measures, Prop 15 is a trick. Lobbyists suggest it would support teachers, but the measure does not require any money actually go to teachers. It’s more money for local bureaucrats, real estate investors and school construction companies. That is, for people like the Real Estate Construction Manager who BHEA has endorsed for School Board.

Prop 15 would be a $9 billion payday for wealthy investors who have the money to buy the many Prop 15 commercials we now see on TV. Money for rich friends in the construction industry. Money for high priced consultants and lawyers to engage in lobbying on behalf of School Board officials in their failed political side projects unrelated to education. Money to further dismantle public education. Until it creates public school budget waste so outrageous that it makes school privatization seem a solution.

Is the Beverly Hills school budget lacking money? BHUSD was granted an extra $385 million when Measure BH passed in 2016. Why a call for more money now? The School Board recently got $111,000 dollars PER STUDENT, on top of over $20,000 per student in the BHUSD annual budget!

Beverly Hills is the most expensive school district in the country. And yet, our teachers are still underpaid and our school buildings still have broken ventilation systems that would spread COVID. More money is no solution when BHUSD spends money on themselves and their friends, ignores teachers and public education. And yet, BHEA endorses.

The Question Is Why?

What’s the most reasonable conclusion based on the actions of BHEA leaders? Why would they be against teachers and for accelerating school privatization by endorsing letting public schools fail? And if not teachers, who does the teachers union support? Why would they prefer real estate developers and construction contractors? Why would they endorse diverting our public education funds into pet political projects unrelated to education?

Why indeed.

Robin S. Rowe is the teacher candidate for Beverly Hills Unified School District Governing Board in the November 2020 election. Please vote for Beverly Hills.