Billionaires Spending a Fortune on Science, How Shocking

NASA Europa Clipper

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/7/28 – A political action committee, claiming they’re friends of Bernie Sanders, sent me this note today:

Billionaires rocketing off to space isn’t a sign of progress. It’s a sign of grotesque inequality that allows a select few to leave Earth behind while the rest of humanity suffers. No one needs billionaires to colonize outer space. We need them to pay their fair share of taxes so people can thrive here on Earth.

Billionaires spending their fortunes on advancing science?!! What is the world coming to?

Who will draft a law for a return to the good ol’ days, to business as usual? When rich white men showed integrity by spending their fortunes on yachts, parties with supermodels, and buying politicians?

Who will convince renegade billionaires to pay their fair share of U.S. income taxes? To pay for the $1.2 trillion that’s been allocated by the U.S. government for new nuclear weapons. Because investing in genocidal weapons of mass destruction designed to to kill millions of children and to render the planet lifeless is what most politicians agree we all need.

Another thing, why even allow people to spend their own money on something that seems so pointless as space tourism? And, it may be dangerous. Space tourism may distress Flat-Earthers and climate deniers. Make them choke on their own self-delusions. Moreover, anti-science propaganda could fail if anyone can see for themselves how it’s absurd. Who will draft a law, protecting everyone’s peace of mind, by banning private citizens from space travel?

Yet another issue caused by space billionaires, what about the $1.5 billion NASA saved this week by awarding the Europa satellite contract to SpaceX instead of the usual government contractors? Government contractors, patriotic American companies, are suffering losses from private companies backed by billionaires! Who will draft a law to make taxpayers reimburse Boeing for their massive loss of government business this week?

Traveling? Seeing what’s beyond borders? What true American wants to do that? And, now into space? Isn’t it high time to force everyone to stay home in America, to be a patriot, and buy bombs?!!

Just a few months ago, Jeff Bezos made $8 billion—that’s $8,000,000,000—in a single day.

It’s not only Bezos!

In Southern California, home prices rose an average of 25% in May alone. Everyone who owns their own home in Southern California is now unfairly rich! The inequality of it! Who will draft a law to force every home owner to disgorge their unearned wealth, to give a portion of their home to the government to redistribute to those who deserve it?

Home prices and stock prices have gone up. So what that nobody is any richer unless they sell? What about how Bezos spends his money when he does sell some stock? How dare Bezos give $791 million to 16 organizations to address climate change? Doesn’t the government need that money to pay for more bombs?!!