Results of some of Robin Rowe’s past projects below. Has 20,000+ LinkedIn connections.

Lenovo ThinkReality A6 AR glasses ARM embedded system, strategist for hands-free UI with speech recognition, computer vision and visual programming:


Mattel Barbie Vlogger, #1 hit animated series on YouTube, architect real-time VR game engine motion-capture animation, making cartoons live:

Disney Marvel Spider-Man Far From Home, same system as Barbie animation, VR motion-capture animation for photo-realistic visual effects:

Econolite Cobalt Linux Powerpc embedded system, TCP/IP communications architect, embedded web server UI and system optimization to support Smart Cities. Real-time, safety-critical, national critical infrastructure:

GoPro automated video editing R&D, architect IoT communications over unreliable networks:

AT&T DirecTV Genie set-top box, requirements management satellite 200-channel expansion and user authentication with QR codes:

CinePaint project manager. A collaboration by the film industry to create a studio alternative to Photoshop, CinePaint has been used in making many major motion pictures, including the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films and The Last Samurai:


DreamWorks Animation renderfarm R&D and film look color committee:

Time Warner New York One, Browsecutter remote non-linear video editing system, installed in NY-1 and 100 more TV stations to edit local broadcast news, PM and architect:

NORAD, AI real-time television news monitoring crisis detection system, DARPA PI and architect:

USS Lincoln, AI crisis detection system, PM and personally field-tested at sea:

Naval Postgraduate School, Adjunct Professor, taught Advanced C++ to military officers:

Navy research scientist, SLAM robotics:

University of Washington, Continuing Ed Instructor, taught Intermediate C++ to train Boeing engineers:

NBC-TV WMAQ Channel 5 News, built the most advanced autonomous robotic TV studio in the world at NBC Tower Chicago:

Also a motion picture editor, not a tech project like above, Hollywood Fast Lane documentary trailer editor (DaVinci Resolve):