Green Power Beverly Hills


BEVERLY HILLS ( 2019/12/26 – Yes, we have 100% Green Power available now in Beverly Hills. With the flip of a switch, we can make a difference. I transitioned to Green Power today. I hope you will, too.

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The Clean Power Alliance is the default clean electricity provider for Beverly Hills. Whether to power your house or your electric vehicle, you can get 100% green power electricity today. This article tells you how.

To be green, it’s not sufficient to drive a Tesla or EV. We must check the source we’re charging with. Is it clean or dirty power? The default in Beverly Hills it’s both, 50:50, half clean energy, half dirty. Let’s fix that now. Go online to set our home’s power to be 100% Green Power.

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First, we need our SCE Edison 10-digit account number. Look at your paper bill from Edison (please go paperless) or login to SCE. If you don’t have a login, create one. (You will need your mailing address, email address and mobile #.) Online at SCE, your account # is under {My Account}{Settings}{Identity}.

Next, login to CPA, using our SCE account #. You’ll see a choice of Lean (36% clean), Clean (50% clean) or Green Power (100% clean). Because the Clean Power setting is the default for Beverly Hills, that’s we have already. However, that’s only half clean. Let’s go 100%.

Choose to upgrade to Green Power, to be 100% clean power. At present, this choice costs us each about 8% extra in our power bill. If you are an apartment dweller paying $50/month to SCE, it may rise to $54. For the price of a latte at Starbucks we can have clean air. Moreover, that cost is going down. Thanks to a new 300 MW wind farm being constructed, the cost of Green Power will drop.

Wind and solar power keep decreasing in cost. New clean power plants will be cheaper than the cost of building and operating coal-fired power plants. It is economics. Electricity generated from coal in the U.S. dropped from 53% in 1997 to 27% in 2018. Insurance companies are exiting underwriting coal. As that trend continues, capital will become unavailable for construction of new coal-fired power plants or coal mines.

For coal and clean power news, see For solar clean power news, see PV Magazine. For a list of environmental solutions, see Project Drawdown.

Some northern California communities are building microgrids. We can do that here.

Green Power and microgrids are technologies that Robin Rowe would advance in Beverly Hills.

If you’re a Beverly Hills resident, or know one, please remind them to vote for Robin Rowe for Beverly Hills City Council in the March 2020 election.