Hamilton, The Room Where It Happens

In politics, Alexander Hamilton shows the results of “being in the room where it happens”

BEVERLY HILLS, CA (robinsrowe.com) 2020/2/6 – Releasing in October 2021, the Broadway smash hit Hamilton as a 2.5 hour Disney feature film. Disney paid $75 million. Maybe the biggest film acquisition deal ever.

Why is Hamilton so great? The song, In the Room where It Happens, describes what it takes to be successful in politics. Be in room where it happens, where decisions get made.

Facts about the musical Hamilton

Hamilton the man was a founding father and creator of the United States Treasury, a system that’s helped make the country the most powerful in the world. His agreement with Jefferson and Madison placed Washington D.C. where it is.

I’ve been suggesting ideas in the Beverly Hills Tech Committee for four years, but that isn’t the room where it happens. And mostly, the City Council hasn’t been the room where anything happens either.

To do more than just listen and talk, to make things happen, I’m running for Beverly Hills City Council. When elected, I’ll make the City Council be the place it should be, the room where it happens.

Hamilton’s Lin Manuel Miranda urges people to vote. Read Miranda’s interview in Rolling Stone.

I’m Robin Rowe, a candidate running for Beverly City Council. I don’t accept contributions from developers or from anyone. I don’t do paid political advertising. I don’t plaster everybody’s yards with “free” yard signs paid for by special interests. I’m #1 on the ballot in the March 3rd, 2020, election. See you there.