Hello Robin!

Robin Rowe
Beverly Hills City Council Candidate Robin Rowe

BEVERLY HILLS (robinsrowe.com) 2019/12/26 – Welcome to the campaign to elect Robin Rowe to the Beverly Hills City Council in the March 3rd, 2020, election.

Like many people, it was the 2016 presidential election that motivated Robin to become involved in politics. Robin has served on the Beverly Hills Technology Committee since 2016, which he joined at the invitation of the mayor.

A Beverly Hills resident since 2004, Robin moved here after being offered a position as a technologist at DreamWorks Animation. Robin designs animation and visual effects technology for major motion pictures and also creates innovation for high tech products unrelated to Hollywood.

In 2016, Robin was working on Smart Cities, adding traffic shaping to city traffic lights. Making traffic lights smarter can significantly reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. When drivers consistently encounter more green lights, that is less engine idling at traffic lights. In an article Robin read, the mayor was quoted saying it’s a goal to make Beverly Hills the best at Smart Cities technology. Robin lives just a few blocks from city hall, reached out to the mayor.

In his three years on the Beverly Hills Technology Committee, Robin has shared insights on Smart Cities, autonomous vehicles, facial recognition and high speed Internet. However, offering general advice is not the same as being in the room during avote. Many issues Beverly Hills faces involve technology.

Having Robin Rowe serve on the city council will make the council more effective. Many decisions the council makes involve technology. We have a five-member city council. Having a technologist in the room, participating in the city council discussion and voting, is vital.