Robin Rowe Proposes New Beverly Hills Master Plan

Platinum Park on Crescent in Beverly Hills

New plan to generate $1 billion in new investment in Beverly Hills

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/2/13 – With input from residents during the recent candidate forum events and on-the-street interviews, I’ve put together a new Beverly Hills Master Plan. The crusty Beverly Hills General Plan provided by the city council is ten years old, indicative of how outdated some of the city council’s thinking is.

Robin Rowe’s Beverly Hills Master Plan

  • Addiction and Suicide: Staff a 24-hour hotline, 72-hour overdose incidents follow-up with help
  • Affordable Housing: Build 3,100 new residential units by 2025
  • Air Quality: Cut air pollution by half by decreasing traffic congestion and using technology
  • Artwork Installations: Create social media photo opportunities unique to Beverly Hills all over the city, to pose with a statue, to draw tourists into our retail streets, not waste $250,000 building new signs welcoming motorists to Beverly Hills as an incumbent is proposing
  • Business: Cut exorbitant business taxes and fees, rationalize Planning Commission rules
  • Cannabis: Allow delivery distribution centers to reduce traffic and increase city tax revenue
  • City Budget: Create a clear budget, cut waste, fund unfunded liabilities of $250M+
  • Disaster Preparedness: Test the city’s self-sufficiency, be able to be cut off from outside services and operate the entire city without disruption for 48 hours
  • Education: Free college for registered voters, to earn university distance-learning degrees
  • Empty Storefronts: Survey how many are empty and why, our city council has never asked, business owners say the city only contacts them to demand more taxes, owners being driven to ruin unable to rent empty retail stores for eight years and the city is no help
  • Energy: Build a micro-grid to protect Beverly Hills from utility power-grid outages
  • Healthcare: Name a Chief Medical Officer responsible for city health
  • Human Rights: Name a Human Rights Officer to protect The Homeless, LGBT+, religious members and other vulnerable people
  • Investment: Generate $1 billion in new investment in Beverly Hills by making Beverly Hills the city with the best infrastructure
  • Live-and-Work: Offer affordable housing in Beverly Hills to those who work in Beverly Hills in order to reduce commuting, 94% of city government workers currently commute here
  • Mental Health: Build a proper Beverly Hills Mental Health Center in Beverly Hills to replace the dilapidated “Log Cabin” the city has in West Hollywood, stop exporting our handicapped and vulnerable residents to other cities for them to cope with
  • Noise: Restrict leaf blowers
  • Parking: Improve parking technology to increase parking efficiency and availability
  • Public Transportation: Build a Beverly Hills Skyway by 2025, like the Portland Aerial Tramway
  • Residential High Speed Internet: Light the Beverly Hills dark fibre we have now, that the city already spent $11 million and is doing nothing with it
  • Term Limits: Limit City Council terms to two 4-year terms, because it’s absurd that the city has canceled the last two elections, that the incumbents have clung to power for ten years after being elected to a 4-year term in 2010, and that $200,000 in political contributions driven by patronage will be spent trying to keep them in power, for a position of trust that pays less than $10,000 per year
  • Tourism: Connect Rodeo, the Beverly Hilton, City Hall and shopping malls by Skyway, the whole city a shopping destination
  • Traffic: Cut traffic by half through AI traffic shaping and public transportation
  • Youth: Open a teen dance club, a go kart park and other teen-friendly activities, and let’s avoid preaching to teens as the incumbents do, that telling teens to not do drugs because it’s bad for them accomplishes nothing, trying to scare teens straight traumatizes them, and saying it’s up to teens and parents to find something better to do with their time in a city with nothing for them is useless

Some of my proposals have been embraced while I’m running for office:

  • Underway! Fire: Remove 1,200 fire hazard trees that could cause a Campfire-like fire disaster
  • Done! Healthcare: Expand the Nurse-Practitioner program to provide free house calls to check for infectious diseases
  • Done! Security: Install security cameras in front of our religious institutions, such as Nessah, so preventable break-ins and vandalism won’t happen again, correcting a significant lapse in the city’s judgment this wasn’t completed sooner

I’m Robin Rowe, a candidate running for Beverly City Council. I don’t accept contributions from developers or from anyone. I don’t do paid political advertising. I don’t plaster everybody’s yards with “free” yard signs paid for by special interests. I’m #1 on the ballot in the March 3rd, 2020, election. See you there.