Robin Rowe for City Council

Robin Rowe

Why Robin Rowe? Beverly Hills needs a technologist on the city council to bring modern ideas and present actionable solutions that meet the needs of Beverly Hills residents.

Candidates are coached to promise fiscal accountability, safe neighborhoods, educational excellence, better jobs and quality community services. Voters know such assurances mean nothing when candidates can’t explain how they will do anything. For practical solutions to specific issues that matter to Beverly Hills residents, see Solutions.

Robin Rowe is the only candidate who has pledged to cap his total campaign expenditures at $2,000, to not seek any campaign contributions and to treat everyone with civility and respect. The candidate not asking for money or endorsements, whose mission is to serve all Beverly Hills residents without owing anyone special treatment.

Robin Rowe’s election team is entirely part-time volunteers. No paid political operatives.

No Facebook ads. No paid political ads. Yard signs capped at 10 signs. No signs placed in people’s yards without their knowledge or consent by a campaign committee ground crew.

Robin Rowe (November 2019)

Robin Rowe Bio

Robin Rowe joined the Beverly Hills Technology Committee in 2016, at the invitation of the mayor.

Robin Rowe is the software architect of the motion-capture VR technology that Hollywood uses to produce visual effects for major motion pictures, to animate a hit cartoon series and for AAA games.

Robin Rowe moved to the Los Angeles area in 2004 to work at DreamWorks Animation. By 2016, Robin Rowe was creating software for the nation’s traffic control system, implementing part of Vision Zero, a U.S. Department of Transportation Smart Cities initiative to reduce U.S. traffic fatalities to zero using AI.

Government experience as a Navy research scientist, defense company chief technologist and DARPA PI. Taught computer science at the Naval Postgraduate School and at the University of Washington. Active in the startup community, Robin Rowe founded his first venture at age 16, a car company.

Founder of The Laptops Initiative that’s given free laptops to Los Angeles homeless and to the deaf to help them be able to find work. Robin Rowe’s volunteer work… Chairman of ISO/ANSI 56007. CFO Alliance cyber-risks subcommittee chairman. Public speaker at Los Angeles middle schools in South Central, urging African-American and Latino children to pursue science. Career mentor to students at USC, UCLA and Pepperdine. Organizer of the 2018 USC Innovation Conference.

As a journalist, Robin Rowe has written for Popular Science and Popular Photography. Qualified as a UN volunteer worldwide television news editor. Former NBC technical director of television broadcast news. Helped build the advanced robotic studios at NBC-TV Chicago. Parents were newspaper journalists and activists in the early organic foods movement. Grew up on an organic farm in central Illinois, in the Land of Lincoln.

Why Robin Rowe? Beverly Hills needs a technologist on the city council to bring modern ideas and present actionable solutions that meet the needs of Beverly Hills residents.

Robin Rowe for City Council 240 N. Crescent Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 424-777-2024

Election Reform

The Beverly Hills City Council election is non-partisan under California code Section 206: A political party or party central committee shall not nominate a candidate for nonpartisan office, and the candidate’s party preference shall not be included on the ballot for the nonpartisan office.


With appropriate permission, print flyers to tape next to your building’s mailboxes or post on your bulletin board.

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