Robin Rowe, Open Source Software Contributor

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2021/4/26 – Some of my free, open source software engineering projects….

cinepaint 1.4.3

CinePaint 1.4.3


CinePaint is high-def deep paint animation software used in making major motion pictures. Next for CinePaint, new capabilities to produce animatics or 2D stop-motion animation like SOUTH PARK. I became project manager after writing about CinePaint in my graphics column at Linux Journal. CinePaint is about to make its first release in years, is in beta.

OpenAI GPT-2 is open source complete-what-I-started AI that I’m using to write technical specifications and international standards documents. Given a sample, GPT-2 can complete anything, whether it is text or images. I maintain a fork of GPT-2 on github that fixes bugs.

libunistd, I’m the author of this open source Windows port of the Linux POSIX and pthreads APIs. Unlike Cygwin, libunistd C/C++ Linux programs build in Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio. Many film studios are multi-platform. The Hollywood industry as a whole works across Linux, Windows and MacOS. That open source software works universally, not only on Linux, is a significant consideration to Hollywood so teams and studios can interoperate. On Github.

OpenVoter is a Github repository of collected open source voting systems. I track down voting systems developed by political organizations and put them on Github. For political party committees to use for their internal votes to avoid sharing member email addresses with commercial SaaS voting systems like OpaVote. In addition, I’m a member of the Los Angeles County Open Technology Working Group (OTWG), in the process of open sourcing their voting software. Their VSAP software is used by all our local elections, including electronic voting for President of the United States. To be the first official U.S. voting system released open source.

At ASWF I participate in the OpenVDB committee, Openexr, and the Universal Scene Description Working Group (USDWG). For OpenVDB I’m working on their Windows port to incorporate Cmakelib. ASWF is a collaboration between the Motion Picture Academy and the Linux Foundation to advance open source software in the film industry. CinePaint is an ASWF application.

Cmakelib is an unannounced open source project I authored to do library package management across all platforms. Windows has no package management, and even with Linux, the Hollywood studios often need a newer or custom version of libraries different from the OS-provided version. Cmakelib ignores dpkg and rpm on Linux, and dispenses with homebrew on MacOS, to build 3rd party libs from scratch using only cmake. As with libunistd, I built Cmakelib to support the universal single codebase of CinePaint.

Cmaker is an unannounced open source project I authored that creates Cmake build systems for C/C++ projects. For new projects, Cmaker creates full Cmake frameworks, including per-class ctest unit tests. For legacy projects, Cmaker automates the process of creating a complete cmake build system to replace make or autotools. Cmake build systems work across all platforms.

Forth is a highly compact stack-based computer language. I maintain forks of open source pForth and AtLastForth that fix bugs.

GTK is the most popular open source GUI library on Linux, used by many applications including CinePaint and GNOME. However, not all developers are happy with GTK3. Its many API changes break legacy GTK code. It has a much larger footprint and multi-library dependencies that break builds. For CinePaint, or any project that prefers the original GTK, I maintain GTK1 for Windows, Linux and MacOS.