Robin Rowe Proposes Universal Basic Food (UBF)

Plan would end hunger immediately in Beverly Hills

UBF for a healthy, plant-based diet that’s kind to the environment

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/3/5 – Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has promised to give away $500,000 in free cash payments to the residents of an unnamed town in New York state, as a pilot program to demonstrate the benefits of Universal Basic Income (UBI). Even if that pilot goes well, Yang may still be lobbying D.C. for years begging for trillions of dollars for UBI.

I propose something more practical and immediate, to end hunger in our city right now.

For Beverly Hills, I propose Universal Basic Food (UBF). In the U.S., 11% of households are food insecure. Instead of debating giving $1k to everybody, and not really everybody because Yang excludes Medicare patients from UBI, we can end starvation here and now in our own city.

People may be surprised that in Beverly Hills there can be hunger, that everyone here isn’t rich. Beverly Hills is a rich city, but some residents face challenges of hunger, mental health and homelessness. No U.S. city is immune from such issues.

What Beverly Hills UBF will cost

Beverly Hills has 33,000 residents. To feed 11% of them for a year, if we even have that many who are food insecure, will cost $1M/year ($250/person/month). However, UBF will cost less than that. People who are food insecure typically will need topping up, have some food already. That cuts the total cost for UBF in half, $500,000/year.

Beverly Hills has a $250M city budget. We’re spending over $500,000/year just on marketing. The City of Beverly Hills has the money available in the budget to end hunger right now.

What a great initiative for our city to show the world. All it takes is three members of our city council to approve doing it. If I’m elected, we only need two more votes.

So why not wait for UBI?

Yang says in the first 30 seconds of his Debunked video he would withhold UBI from welfare recipients, that “we’re not going to stack it on top.” So, not give $1k to the homeless on top of Medicare, because that would be excessive, but do give $1k to millionaires who don’t need it?

Yang next says we’ll keep our byzantine system of 126 welfare programs. Of course, to do that and add UBI we must carefully track every penny of Medicare, make sure no cheaters double-dip. Meanwhile, tax-free Amazon gets a $129M annual government subsidy.

Next Yang says the UBI cost is not what some say it is. Not really $3T, just $1.8T, and that we can raise that, somehow. Let’s compare that idea to how Congress spends money on things it wants. The way our military budget works is Congress declares the money allocated and it appears on the books.

We don’t seem to need to raise money to buy bombs from Boeing, are printing money out of thin air. The military gets an unlimited checkbook of magic money, yet Social programs must extract more money somehow from taxpayers. By the way, the president’s budget has $1.2T for nuclear weapons. Where was that raised?

For fun, read Mission Earth: The Invaders Plan by L. Ron Hubbard, a fictional account of what happens in a future world when a corrupt CIA-type operative has an “unlimited” Identoplate, a government credit card with infinite funds, and goes to cash it, the entire Treasury, because he doesn’t know how much he may need to spend off-planet for the government’s defense.

For a non-fiction historical account of what happens when a superpower declines due to speculating using printed money and engaging in war without restraint, see Millionaire: The Philanderer, Gambler, and Duelist Who Invented Modern Finance by Janet Gleeson. That describes the invention of paper money under Louis XV, the pandering to speculators and costly wars that eventually bankrupt the country, that leads to the French Revolution.

The issues being debunked in Yang’s videos aren’t my issues. The real issue is a government that allocates whatever money it likes to buy whatever toys it wants, like a toddler with an iPhone Apple Pay account.

The reason we’re going broke is our unlimited military budget and ever increasing healthcare and infrastructure costs due to the consequences worldwide pollution and waste.