Robin Rowe Running for Climate Justice Committee Leadership

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2021/01/11 – Robin Rowe seeking to make a positive difference in Los Angeles air quality and climate justice.

What would be your top 3 priorities in this role? How would you define success for each of those priorities? *

1.) Los Angeles air pollution abatement. Success based on improvements in the readings of currently available real-time measurements of our air quality and to increase awareness such measurements are available to everyone.
2.) New clean public transportation to eliminate traffic pollution. Success to be construction of cable car skyways, which unlike subways, may be quickly constructed and serve entire neighborhoods.
3.) New affordable housing that residents to be eligible must be local workers, to eliminate traffic pollution. Success to be construction of two 1,500-unit residential towers in a park.

What is the #1 lesson that the climate justice movement should draw from the past ~5 years? How should that inform our organizing?

The #1 lesson is that justice problems are climate problems. Lack of clean public transportation and affordable housing increases traffic and increases pollution.

What’s a climate-related action that you’ve been involved in? What did you learn from this effort?

I ran for local city council office. During our election forum debate the mayor admitted she didn’t know what to do about air pollution and said affordable housing would only be built over her “dead body”. Her rich campaign donors, who she actually represents, are luxury real estate developers. What I learned is real estate developers, and not our city council, are who we need to help reform to create progressive change.