Robin S. Rowe, Making Beverly Hills Schools Great

Family HappyA voter asks, what does it mean?

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/10/25 – An email from a voter:

How did you decide on the tagline “Making Beverly Hills schools great?”

Thanks for asking.

In 1980, Beverly Hills was considered the best public school system in the world. Our schools have since declined.

That decline accelerated from 2010, the year the Incumbent was elected. He says declining enrollment doesn’t bother him, makes the job easier with fewer students to teach, and that it’s not his fault that it’s been one crisis after another during his administration.

What else changed in 2010? Our school budget rules changed. Beverly Hills schools budgets would no longer be set by how many students our schools have.

That students are being driven out of our public schools doesn’t bother the politicians on our School Board because the Beverly Hills school budget, money these politicians have been able to spend on whatever they want, on projects unrelated to education, that their funding remains the same no matter how few students they have.

To be great again doesn’t mean we go back to the methods of 1980. The world has changed since 1980. We’re not about to go back to using a slide rule or calculator instead of computers.

The first step to being great again is we set our goal to be the best in the world, set a high standard as we once did. Do not accept the decline, the lame excuses from officials, the School Board mismanagement, or the improper diversion by the School Board of millions of dollars of our taxpayer education funds into frivolous projects unrelated to education.

Making Beverly Hills schools great again means we again have the best public education system in the world. The best teachers. The best teaching methods. The most advanced technology.

Making our schools great again means we again have the schools that everyone in the world wants to come to.

Robin S. Rowe is running for BHUSD School Board in the November 2020 election.