Robin S. Rowe Releases BHUSD Candidate Statement

Former educator Robin S. Rowe running for BHUSD Governing Board

Robin S. Rowe

Rowe presenting at an international conference on innovation June 2019


BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/08/07 – Los Angeles County has confirmed that Robin S. Rowe is on the November ballot for Beverly Hills Unified School District Governing Board. This is Rowe’s first time running for this position.

State Election Guide Robin S. Rowe Official Candidate Statement

Let’s make our public schools great again! Let’s make sure our education taxpayer money goes to teachers and to education in Beverly Hills, is not wasted.

As an educator, I’ve taught Computer Science at the Naval Postgraduate School and the University of Washington. I’ve spoken at schools in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles South Central to encourage kids to choose science and become leaders. I’ve been a mentor to students at UCLA, USC and Caltech. For the City of Beverly Hills, I’ve been a Technology Committee member since 2016.


Some remember when families moved to Beverly Hills because we had The Best Public Schools. As our schools declined, we were told more money will fix it. BHUSD controls a $70 million budget, a whopping $20,290 per student. So why wasn’t it enough? The School Board is being sued for redirecting $16 million in school renovation funds into Washington lobbying and efforts unrelated to education.

Let’s elect representatives who work for us. To prevent conflicts of interest, I accept no campaign donations and seek no endorsements. I represent We the People.

Local Voter Statistics

Beverly Hills California %
Population 34,183 100.0%
Registered Voters 21,666 63.4%
Party Voters  
DEM 9,338 43.1%
IND 6,421 29.6%
REP 5,018 23.2%
AIP 496 2.3%
LIB 118 0.5%
PFP 61 0.3%
GRN 58 0.3%