Robin S. Rowe Running for Beverly Hills School Board

Beverly Hills WeeklyComputer Scientist running for BHUSD school board

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/07/15 – As an elected school board member, I will make sure our Beverly Hills taxpayer money goes to education in Beverly Hills, not into pet side projects unrelated to education or to Beverly Hills. It’s my first time running for BHUSD school board. Article in The Beverly Weekly.

BHUSD is being sued for diverting $16 million in school funds, money we desperately wish we had now to renovate our schools to mitigate COVID-19. Allegedly, BHUSD blew $16 million raised from taxpayers for the purpose of building renovation, that the board instead spent that money on frivolous lawsuits, which the board lost, on personal trips to do lobbying in Washington, which were also a failure, and that board members tried to hide it by lying about it.

Coincidentally, while attending an event at the Beverly Hills High School, I was introduced to a BHUSD school board member. I had read about the BHUSD lawsuit in the news. So, I asked. What’s happening with BHUSD’s pending lawsuit? Said she’d never heard of it. Adamant it didn’t exist. It definitely exists. Did she not know she was being sued? Forgot? Confused by my question?

It seemed to me from that moment we need someone on the school board who will make sure our Beverly Hills taxpayer money is being spent properly, on education in Beverly Hills.

My education background includes teaching at two universities. I taught computer science, Intermediate C++, at the University of Washington. At the Naval Postgraduate School, I taught Advanced C++ and was the faculty robotics advisor. As a volunteer I speak at middle schools in South Central Los Angeles, and have spoken at the Beverly Hills High School, to encourage kids to go into science, the arts and finance. I am a volunteer mentor in a multi-university student career association, offer guidance to students at CalTech, USC and UCLA.

Anyone who wants to help with my BHUSD campaign, email me at