Robin S. Rowe Running for BHUSD, Beverly Hills Courier Interview

Robin S. Rowe

Robin S. Rowe kicks off campaign in an interview with a local newspaper

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/8/11 – The Beverly Hills Courier newspaper asks a few questions of first-time BHUSD School Board candidate Robin S. Rowe.

What issues are at the forefront of your campaign?

We’ve entered the age of Generation C, of COVID. Children are uniquely vulnerable to pandemics and economic catastrophes. And, so are the Parents of Children. To help Children and Parents, Beverly Hills needs to offer the Best Public Schools.

Some remember when Families moved here because Beverly Hills had the Best Public Schools. With an annual budget of over $20,000 per student, BHUSD has the best-funded Public Schools. Yet, half of Beverly Hills Parents are sending their children to Expensive Private Schools instead. Why?

Beverly Hills Public Schools should be the best in the world. Together we will make it so again.

What do you see as the primary work of the Board moving forward? What issues, if any, do you believe the district needs to address in its academic program and offerings? What changes would you recommend? Do you have specific suggestions for improvement?

We need to prepare our Children for a Post-COVID World. If we listen to the Bureau of Labor, future growth in high-paying jobs is in just two fields: computer science and healthcare. I taught computer science at the University of Washington and the Naval Postgraduate School. I led the team that won the Novartis Biome healthcare innovation prize for AI last year.

What made you decide to run for the BHUSD Board of Education?

What first made me think of running for School Board was reading an article that BHUSD is being sued for diverting $16 million of school building renovation funds into political lobbying unrelated to education and concealing it. Our taxpayer money. Let’s make sure we don’t waste it.

What differentiates you from the other candidates and/or board members?

In the BHUSD November election, voters have clear choices…

Four of the BHUSD candidates lack the tech savvy or commitment to have put up a web page. An actuary, an attorney, a construction manager and a psychologist.

There’s a candidate who lists as his qualification that he’s 19 years old and a recent graduate of BHHS. At least he has a website.

There’s the incumbent, an establishment candidate who says his value are his close relationships with other politicians and his success at extracting $500 million from taxpayers. His website displays a gallery of local establishment bureaucrats helping him raise money to buy the election. Politicians he owes more loyalty to than his voters.

I’m Robin S. Rowe, the candidate with a higher mission. Making Beverly Hills have the Best Public Schools in the World.

To prevent conflicts of interest, I don’t accept Donations and don’t seek Endorsements. My loyalty is to We the People of Beverly Hills. My website is at