Rowe Says No to Campaign Donations

Dirty money

Rowe Says No! BHUSD candidate rejects accepting any campaign donations, not even from the Party

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/8/14 – Received a note from the Party asking me if I’d like any money…

Good luck and thank you for running for office!

Thank you, appreciate your kind words! It’s an honor to run for office in the November 2020 election for Beverly Hills Unified School District governing board.

Please see below the notice from the Coordinated Campaign Committee for an opportunity to receive campaign support.

While I appreciate the offer of campaign money from the Party, I do not accept any donations. Not even from the Party. May I tell you why?

Incumbents in my district raise a great deal of money from wealthy donors to buy elections. During the March 2020 election campaign, a prominent local patron was arrested by the FBI. Caught paying $1 million in bribes to a Commissioner. I won’t accept money from that type of donor. Of course, I wouldn’t expect them to offer it to me anyway. I don’t do the kind of favors they expect in return.

In order to avoid criminal donors, it’s been suggested to accept small donations only. What sort of person would make a $20 donation? A small donor in my district may be a retiree struggling on a fixed income. Someone who faces a daily choice deciding whether to buy food or medicine, that she or he can’t afford both. No matter how earnestly they wish to help my campaign, I won’t take grandma’s or grandpa’s last $20.

In the debates during in the March election, a hostile audience asked the Incumbents if they are trying to buy the election. Their campaign had recently received another $100,000, with ten $10,000-legal-limit donations by wealthy patrons. This for an elected position that pays $9,500 per year. And, controls a $250 million City Budget. A taxpayers checkbook that buys services from supporters and associates of the Incumbents.

The Incumbents answered by saying they don’t know these latest patrons, that they don’t know who is backing their campaign. The audience didn’t seem to believe that answer. I do. When donors see politicians are for sale, new players don’t need to negotiate in advance for what favors they will receive. Patrons can see a gravy train.

Experienced campaign managers say nobody wins in this district without big money, that Candidates have no choice but to take money from any donor who will give it to them. I say I do have a choice. I just say no to taking any donations. Not even from the Party. No, thanks.