Sample Ballot

List of candidates below with hotlinks to their websites for the Beverly Hills, California, November 3rd, 2020, Election

Voting Strategy

  • Only vote for politicians you believe in, leave blank if you don’t see any
  • Do not vote for narcissist politicians who boast about their self-imagined integrity, trustworthiness and listening skills
  • Do not vote for politicians who say to vote for them because of their party, race or religion
  • Do not vote for incumbents who have a record of failure in office
  • Do not vote for politicians who are backed by dark money donors, who owe favors to rich investors
  • Do not vote for politicians who are endorsed by the same rich investors or rich publishers who endorsed the previous batch of terrible politicians
  • Do not vote for politicians who present no plan for what to do in office
  • Do not vote for rich beggars, who implore people with much less money than themselves to donate to them
  • Do not vote for politicians who don’t bother to put up a good website, because we can expect no better effort from them if in office
  • Do not vote for haters
  • Do not vote for Measures that seem deliberately confusing

BHUSD School Board

  • Robin S. Rowe – That’s me
  • The other candidates are endorsed by various Establishment backers, by the same folks who endorsed previous politicians responsible for a decade of local school system decline

L.A. Community College #1

L.A. Community College #3

L.A. Community College #5

L.A. Community College #7

State Assembly 50

U.S. Congress 33

District Attorney

Judge 72

Judge 80

Judge 162


  • RP – Reserve future sales tax increases to Beverly Hills budget, not County
  • J – Decrease mass incarceration
  • 14 – Stem cell R&D (cost: $12/year for 30 years per California taxpayer = $260m / 22m * 30y)
  • 15 – The Disney tax
  • 16 – Affirmative Action or reverse racism
  • 17 – Opposing voter suppression
  • 18 – 17-year-olds may vote in party primaries
  • 19 – Homeowner retirement home tax break and fire protection fund that increases tax revenue by encouraging retirees to sell more expensive home
  • 20 – Increase mass incarceration
  • 21 – Confusing City rent control change
  • 22 – Minimum wage law, stops treating workers making $9/hour as independent contractors, opposed by Uber
  • 23 – Dialysis cost reform opposed by dialysis companies
  • 24 – Confusing data privacy measure
  • 25 – Bail reform, decrease mass incarceration