Robin Rowe on Stopping the Politics Money Train

Candidate for Beverly Hills City Council accepts no contributions, caps expenditures

Getting off the politics money train

BEVERLY HILLS, CA ( 2020/1/23 – Here’s a Beverly Hills City Council candidate testing whether it’s possible to get elected in America without taking money from rich donors, begging money from working class people who can’t afford it, or being a billionaire.

Zero. I don’t accept donations. Why does Robin Rowe say no to political fundraising?

Why is it important that candidates not accept donations? A former Los Angeles County planning official plead guilty to taking bribes from developers and contractors. Using that official as an informant, the FBI arrested a prominent Beverly Hills developer as being a source of those bribes.

That developer has a record of making contributions to help elect local politicians. Politicians who then appoint planning officials. That I don’t accept donations from developers, or anyone, means I can serve everyone fairly.

For the same reasons I don’t seek contributions, I don’t seek endorsements either. I appreciate the enthusiastic support of my neighbors, the residents and the businesses of Beverly Hills.

And, no paid political ads either. After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, I can’t give money to Facebook. Even more so after Mark Zuckerberg said lies in political ads are not Facebook’s problem.

Candidates shouldn’t be able to buy their way into office with a mass market branding campaign. America’s leadership test should not be reduced to a process like selling toilet paper, where all the choices seem identical and the winning difference is who spends more on ads.

How to ban political ads without barring freedom of speech? No paid advertisements allowed to mention the name or picture of a candidate on the ballot.

And, cap expenditures. I’ve capped my campaign expenditures at $2,000. So don’t expect any annoying mailers packing your mail box or yard signs blanketing your neighborhood. At least, not from me.