Elect Robin Rowe to Beverly Hills City Council

Beverly Hills City Council Candidate Robin Rowe

Beverly Hills City Council Candidate Robin Rowe

Hi. I’m Robin Rowe. If you want safety, I am the candidate with national security experience. I developed crisis management AI technology for the U.S. Department of Defense . The same type of security technology that Beverly Hills and other cities have since adopted. I served as a subcommittee chairman under the director of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

I was elected to my current role as chairman of a UN medical technology task group.

Beverly Hills Crime Rate Dropping

I agree with Beverly Hills Police Chief Stainbrook, who says BHPD is fully staffed, and that hiring more police officers than needed cannot be expected to reduce crime. Police departments across the country are seeing their crimes solved as crime rings that come to Beverly Hills get caught. My nine opponents each say they will keep hiring more police officers, no matter the cost, until everyone “feels safe”.

Vote No to Big Spender Candidates

Voters should reject all nine of the other candidates because each has promised to increase spending beyond limit, but have no plan how to pay for it except by making unspecified cuts later. That has serious consequences, with future cuts to Beverly Hills Parks & Recreation and other City services.

A Plan, Not Empty Promises

Robin Rowe’s plan for Beverly Hills…

  1. Police: Put Beverly Hills uniformed police officers back on foot patrol to deter crime, and make cuts to so-called ambassadors private security who only report crime but cannot stop it. Save millions of dollars spent on private security that was hired to supplement the police department during a police staff shortage.
  2. Housing: Stop proposing brain-dead Mixed-Use housing plans that at best can provide a dozen new units when the requirement is a housing plan for 3,100, to instead zone for two high-rise residential towers like Chicago’s beautiful Lake Point Tower, on undeveloped City property away from single-use homes, that the State can readily approve.
  3.  Magnet Schools: Make Beverly Hills schools back into magnet schools. Reverse the decline of Beverly Hills schools by reinstating the Beverly Hills schools diversity program, repealed by the Beverly Hills City Council in 2010, that had the best students from outside Beverly Hills compete to fill empty seats in Beverly Hills classrooms, creating high academic standards and filling gifted student classrooms.
  4. Farmers Market: Move the Beverly Hills Farmers Market to Canon Drive, where it was before a major attraction for tourists. After the City Council moved it, over the objections of local residents, many vendors went elsewhere. Being located behind the police station in a cul-de-sac didn’t draw enough customers.
  5. Transportation Skyway: Build the Beverly Hills Skyway, an aerial tramway with suspended gondolas like at a ski resort, to provide public transportation within Beverly Hills capable of moving 2,000 visitors per hour, instead of clogging Beverly Hills streets with hundreds of Ubers at the coming Rodeo and La Cienega Metro stops.
  6. Transportation Bike Lanes: Build Protected Bike Lanes. Beverly Hills City Council says they have made bike lanes, but these are unprotected bike lanes. That is, bike lanes that are painted onto busy streets. Using unprotected bike lanes is quite dangerous. The City Council had the best opportunity to create a protected bike lane down the median of Burton Way during its expensive renovation, but did not.
  7. Legal: Stop wasting millions on nuisance lawsuits against the County, State and federal government in an expensive and ultimately futile effort to delay enforcement of progressive U.S., State and County laws that the City Council doesn’t like.

No to B.S. Bureaucrats

B.S. bureaucrats running for City Council are promising all sorts of things that they cannot deliver. When asked where the funds will come from to hire the additional City employees each says to hire, they say they will figure out later what cuts to make. They don’t know.

One candidate says a Zero Budget is the solution to where the funds will be found. Zero budgets are a simple concept: throw out the existing budget and create a new budget from scratch to try to eliminate waste. Zero budgets were hailed by private equity companies a decade ago as a way to overhaul mismanaged failed businesses they had acquired. However, Zero Budgets have since fallen from favor. The hoped for budget savings were not enough to offset the typical cost of producing a Zero Budget from scratch, that is, $5 million. Not even private equity capitalists like Zero Budgets anymore.

The candidate promising a Zero Budget is the same candidate who was on the BHUSD Oversight Committee that failed to prevent or report the BHUSD $16 million diversion of funds or BHUSD’s destruction of associated public records.

B.S. bureaucrats are making promises that no City Council member has the authority to make, because many policy issues are the jurisdiction of the County (the Metro), the State (Housing Plan, Abortion Clinics) or the federal government (the Border).

When asked how they expect to keep promises that go beyond their authority, B.S. bureaucrats say they will sue the government to force it. That’s what BHUSD did in a series of nuisance lawsuits. BHUSD lost every lawsuit. It cost taxpayers over $32 million dollars ($16 million to BHUSD attorneys, $16 million to defense attorneys). How much wasted public money is that? Enough to grant $1,000 to every resident of Beverly Hills.

Have a Question?

Call Robin Rowe at 323-535-0952.

Want to discuss public safety? I sailed on the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln to test crisis management AI technology I developed as a program manager for the U.S. Department of Defense . This is the same type of security technology that Beverly Hills and other cities have since adopted for public safety to monitor CCTV cameras using AI.

USS Lincoln

USS Lincoln

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